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Anna Antonova
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Carousel Wonderschool Openings Now!

Bilingual Russian/English in a safe, nurturing and fun environment!
Openings Now!


Carousel Wonderschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool and we believe that each child’s unique talents and innate curiosity is critical to instilling a life long love of learning.

Our main goal is to provide your children with an enriching, fun and educational experience that focuses on developing their social-emotional, cognitive and motor skills. We spend a considerable amount of time in our outdoor play area and use our environment to promote experiential learning, self-directed activities and relationship building.

We fundamentally believe in giving children significant ownership and independence over their experiences in order to nurture their sense of enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Our approach centers on the child’s interests and our curriculum is often guided by their curiosity .

Our staff is bilingual but we will be interacting primarily in Russian. At such an early age, children learn very well by osmosis and are eager to excel. Ensuring they grow up bilingual is an important overall educational advantage and the foundation for that starts as soon as possible. 

We fully believe in providing our kids with as much individual attention as possible and always maintain a child:staff ratio of 4:1.


Join the Carousel Wonderschool community in four easy steps:

1. Explore our website

We’ve provided information about our philosophies and offerings to help you decide if our program may be right for your family.

2. Tour the school

Come see what makes Carousel Wonderschool unique. Please schedule a tour by filling out the “Schedule Tour” form.

3. Submit an Enrollment Application

If you would like to enroll, please submit an application at – Please note that we require tours for all prospective families. Do not submit an application if you have not toured.

4. Enroll

After reviewing your application, we’ll send an enrollment invitation. Upon accepting your invitation, you’ll pay your deposit (usually equal to one month’s tuition), fill out enrollment documents and review our Parent Handbook.


Carousel Wonderschool is located in a single family home and occupies the entire lower level. Inside, we have three main areas: a playroom, bedroom and dining area. We created the space specifically with kids in mind to be safe, entertaining and engaging.

Our toys, equipment and decoration is, where at all possible, made from natural products (wood, fabrics, etc.) and we have no electronic devices to encourage child interaction and development. 

We strongly believe that being outdoors as much as possible is vital for early childhood development, which is why our preschool includes a lot of time in the backyard, an area we built to ensure a safe, spacious, and fun environment. We also take advantage of being close to Baker Beach, China Beach, and Golden Gate Park and provide field trips to explore these great landmarks. 

About Our School

We believe that children are born ready to learn. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to help them develop a love of learning. In developing their social-emotional, cognitive and motor skills we draw on elements of different child-development philosophies and are not bound to a specific method.

Our curriculum is focused on the Russian language and the variety of cultures in the region. We introduce the literature, music, and traditions of Eastern Europe in order to provide a level of understanding and appreciation of those cultures.

We believe children learn through play and we provide a variety of games, puzzles, songs and activities to teach the fundamentals: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our space provides an outdoor play area equipped with a climbing dome, painting wall, and other age-appropriate toys for the children.

We will be holding occasional field trips to nearby Golden Gate Park, Baker Beach and other similar local landmarks but only with parental approval and appropriate advanced notice.


We value healthy food choices a great deal. All our meals are home cooked (soups, salads, breads, etc.) using only fresh, natural, organic ingredients. As possible, we source our produce from the local farmer’s market or direct from the farm. Obviously some of our snacks and dairy products are prepackaged (cheeses, milks, yogurts, crackers) but outside of that we cook (no microwaves) only fresh ingredients. Additionally, we will be incorporating the cultural dishes of Eastern Europe into our program and will be encouraging a love for those dishes.

Our Teachers

Anna Antonova, Director & Head Teacher

Anna earned her Master’s degree in Sociology with a focus in Early Childhood Education and Psychology and is now working towards a Master’s in Early Childhood Education.

Anna fell in love with caring for kids while she was babysitting in her late teens, when she discovered that every kid has a unique and complex personality. Staying home after her daughter was born, she created a local mom’s group and very quickly her home became a preschool for her friends and relatives, many of whom had children around the same time she did. 

Anna loved being a teacher and watching each child’s personality grow and develop as they expressed themselves. Coming to San Francisco spurred Anna to pursue early childhood education as a career, and she is focused on creating a healthy, nurturing, and fun environment for the kids at Carousel.

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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