School Director
Florence Munyao
977 Somerset Avenue Pomona, CA 91767
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A play-based environment where children explore, learn, and excel.
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At Right Start Wonderschool, we believe in the paramount importance of allowing children to do what they do best—play! Research has shown that play-based learning supports the development of logical and critical thinkers. We provide plenty of age-appropriate play materials and the necessary guidance to enable children to play, learn, grow, and and enjoy the moment!

Among its many benefits, play-based learning helps children gain social skills through interacting with peers and adults, as well as acquire developmental cognitive skills necessary to follow and maintain game rules. Play also promotes their physical skills through jumping, running, and movement. Last but not least, play has been shown to be therapeutic at increasing emotional happiness, especially for children with behavioral challenges.


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The school is located at 977 Somerset Avenue Pomona, CA 91767 on the northern side of Pomona, bordered by San Dimas on the northwest, La Verne and Claremont on the north, Montclair and Chino on the east, Chino Hills and Diamond Bar on the south, and Walnut, South San Jose Hills, and Industry on the southwest. Jaycee Park is just ¼ mile away from the school. Pomona is in Los Angeles county, and approximately 27 miles (43km) east of downtown Los Angeles, 25 miles (40km) north of Santa Ana, 31 miles (50km) west of Riverside, and 37 miles (60km) west of San Bernardino. The school is surrounded by two public libraries where we will frequently visit as a class. The school is easily accessible from many freeways, including: • San Bernardino Freeway • Orange Freeway • Pomona Freeway • Foothill Boulevard • Corona Expressway • Interstate 210 and State Route 210 (California)

About Our School

Our Mission:

I started the school so that young children in my community can receive the “right start” in their school journey. My school will help them become good readers and communicators, which will lead to them becoming assets to the community.

About the Program:

We have a large yard where children can play to develop their motor skills. We also use the yard for projects and experiments that stimulate learning in fun ways, such as learning why some things bounce and others do not. In the garden area, children can plant different seeds and do daily observation to monitor plant growth and learn what plants need for growth and prosperity.

The school will have scheduled trips to the post office, libraries, city halls, and other local businesses. We believe that children remember what they can see and touch, and we value providing these experiences.

We provide a healthy organic breakfast in the morning and organic snack in the afternoon. We value nutritious foods because children that are fed well tend to have higher energy levels and are more engaged in class. We also understand that children who are healthy are better able to play and learn effectively.

Parent Involvement:

We respect parents as the first teachers, and value parents as resources to facilitate their child’s learning. There are numerous opportunities for parents to join us throughout the year. For example, we will involve parents in planning and attending field trips. We ask parents to volunteer in the classroom by reading stories, playing, and dancing with the children. Parents will also be asked to present on their culture, including any food, clothing, and games.

Our approach to discipline:

To us, the word “discipline” mean to teach rather than to punish. We understand it is impossible to prevent children from having bad days or displaying inappropriate behavior. This is because young children are still learning what is right and wrong. As teachers, we provide positive guidance and assist children to realize how to make safe and healthy choices. We also work with parents to reinforce appropriate behavior at home. When parents, kids, and the teachers are on the same page about classroom rules and teacher expectations, learning is effective and enjoyable because children thrive within a safe comfortable setting. We understand the importance of redirecting kids immediately following misbehavior, and praise them for good behavior. We believe praises and rewards are powerful motivators of good behavior.

Potty training:

We prefer that students are potty trained, but we will work with children who are not yet trained. We use many techniques to help potty train students, including reading them stories about the importance of using the potty at all times.

Our Teachers

Florence is a dedicated educator and school owner with a master’s degree in early childhood education. She has dedicated her career to ensuring that young children receive the “right start” in their early childhood education, as this is the first step to a positive and prosperous future. Children who start with a strong foundation in early childhood education tend to stay in school and succeed in their academic studies. Florence believes in working together with parents to help children succeed, and respects parents as equal partners in developing ideas and resources to help each student with their unique needs. It is her mission to make each child feel cherished and valued, as each student is unique with their own qualities and experiences that benefit the school community. She understands that education is the key to a good life, and believes it is a right for all children. Through her care, she will lead them to the path of success. All of her own children have graduated from college, are employed, and are positive contributors to society.

“I started the school so that young children in my community can receive the “right start” in their school journey. My school will help them become good readers and communicators, which will lead to them becoming assets to the community.”

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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