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Rachel Bolden-Kramer
2223 Rancho Rd El Sobrante, CA 94803  ·  510-964-3891
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A Spanish-immersion early education in creativity and joy
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Little Earth Seeds Preschool is a “wholistic” play-based learning environment for the emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual development of young children. Emphasizing the individual child’s interests and talents, we create a nurturing school community through collective exploration. Our unique school-home integrated Montessori curriculum is a hybrid approach to early education combining yoga, mindfulness, and gentle wisdom of ageless child development practices from the international diaspora. Founded by a Harvard-educated Bay Area native teacher, Little Earth Seeds’ pedagogy is supported by partnerships with the foremost innovators in early childhood education, including Harvard Ed School company, MontiKids. Our name is in homage to author Octavia Butler’s storytelling power and possibility for healthy community. We learn in English and Spanish.


Join the Little Earth Seeds community in four easy steps:

1. Explore our website

We’ve provided information about our philosophies and offerings to help you decide if our program may be right for your family.

2. Tour the school

Come see what makes Little Earth Seeds unique. Please schedule a tour by filling out the “Schedule Tour” form.

3. Submit an Enrollment Application

If you would like to enroll, please submit an application at – Please note that we require tours for all prospective families. Do not submit an application if you have not toured.

4. Enroll

After reviewing your application, we’ll send an enrollment invitation. Upon accepting your invitation, you’ll pay your deposit (usually equal to one month’s tuition), fill out enrollment documents and review our Parent Handbook.


Nestled in the picturesque hills of El Sobrante on four acres of nature reserve, Little Earth Seeds Preschool is a home away from home for our young learners. Situated close to I-80 and San Pablo Dam Road, we are a convenient commute for working families. Our spacious yard and nature area make our school a serene retreat from the bustle of urban life. Students enjoy ample outdoor free-play and exploration, and structured activities such as outdoor sports and gardening. The inside of our school offers ample dance, yoga and music space, a Waldorf-inspired classroom, and cozy nap area.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a central component of our philosophy. We have a safe, fenced yard space for sports and free play. We also have planters for gardening and interacting with our ecosystem! Just beyond our yard is our four-acre nature reserve featuring wild herbs and our permaculture landscape. Wild turkeys and deer can be seen from our windows and just beyond our fences. Children are always supervised and kept safely away from wild animals!

About Our School

Director Rachel Bolden-Kramer has over ten years of experience teaching yoga, mindfulness, and wellness to young people following an early career in public school mathematics and Spanish instruction. When she became a mother, she sought to create a community-learning environment that would nurture not only her daughter and peers, but parents as well. Our school integrates all aspects of family life and learning. Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively while exploring their hearts and minds through movement, stillness, and reflection.

As a small school, we foster connections between individual, family, community, and world. Our school space hosts workshops for parents, and Rachel supports the full spectrum of family wellness as a doula, Certified Go Diaper Free Coach, and radical nutritionist. Our daily lunch is inspired by Ayurvedic and macrobiotic nutrition to support the energetic needs of growing young people. We welcome children on all education paths including those preparing for standard elementary school as well as home-schoolers. All full tuition includes the MontiKids learning program for home, which provides families with ongoing age-appropriate Montessori toys and instruction quarterly.

Lunch & Snacks

Parents provide snacks or select from our options for healthy morning and afternoon snacks. We provide allergy-conscious healthy organic lunch daily. Our children learn simple meal preparation techniques!

Potty Training

Children over age 2 who are not potty trained will have a diaper fee applied to monthly charges. The diaper fee is $100 per full time (5 days) schedule, and $50 per part time (2 or 3 days) schedule. This fee is to encourage families to take advantage of our potty training resources. Visit below for our schedule of classes. We will wait for your attendance in the class before assessing the diaper fee to ensure we have provided you with guidance and support. The maximum days we allow to attend the class or schedule 1-on-1 coaching before applying a diaper fee is 30 days from the child’s 2nd birthday, or 30 days from their enrollment start date if they are already over 2 years when enrolling.

Children do not have to be potty trained to enter Little Earth Seeds Preschool. We use the Go Diaper Free method and offer classes for parents and caregivers throughout the year . If your child is over 18 months, we will encourage family attendance at our next potty training class. We know that children can complete potty training milestones without waiting for “readiness,” and we hope families will consider potty learning at an early age! You can prepare for these classes or avoid them by using “The Tiny Potty Training Book” on our website here or

Extra Activities & Care

Our school community offers weekend workshops, play dates, and space for birthday parties for additional fees. Evening and weekend childcare is available. All full tuition includes the MontiKids learning program for home, which provides families with ongoing age-appropriate Montessori toys quarterly.


Our pets are a family of deer that live freely outside of our fenced yard. Our indoor pets are non-toxic plants that our students love to care for!

Our Teachers

Rachel is a work from home momma and educator in the fields of yoga, childbirth education, and nutrition. As a new momma, she became a neighborhood childcare provider, lovingly caring for her infant daughter’s young friends using attachment parenting, baby wearing, and elimination communication. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in Social Studies and Spanish, and completed her yoga meditation teacher training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Rachel previously taught cooking, math, Spanish, yoga, and mindfulness to K-12 students in schools throughout California and New York. Rachel is a published cookbook author, and is certified in Food As Medicine via the Center for Mind Body Medicine. She is the owner of a school-based yoga company, Hip Dhamma, born in Brooklyn.

Luna Chavez, EMT, Is our Co-teacher, and leads school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She is a neighbor, and the younger sister of Director Rachel’s doula partner, Ixel.

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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