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Marie Mosimann
2131 Blake St Berkeley, CA 94704  ·  510-550-5807
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Frenchtastic Kids offers a nurturing and creative environment which supports the independence of the child. The activities offered in the various learning centers (such as literacy, mathematics, practical life) follow the Montessori principle “Help me help myself”. In our environment, children are free to choose the activity they are interested in and the activities are set up so the child can practice and learn independently. As we are a French immersion program, our classroom offers a variety of authentic French materials and French words can be found all over the classroom to promote bilingualism.


Frenchtastic Kids is located in a bright apartment in South Berkeley, just a few blocks from Downtown Berkeley at 2131 Blake St, Apt 8, Berkeley, CA 94704. It offers an easy access right off Shattuck Ave, and has the advantage of being protected from the agitation of the main street, being located in a nestled spot a block away. The whole living room, the kitchen and the 2nd bedroom are dedicated to the program. The main learning centers are set up in the living room/kitchen areas, and nap time is in the quiet, lightly furnished space offered by the 2nd bedroom.

About Our School

We offer an authentic, full French immersion program led by a native speaker. Our space is set up to support French learning through all the learning centers. Our approach is based on the Montessori philosophy primarily, but we do include role-play in our classroom as we believe this is important for not only developing language and social skills, but also imagination and problem-solving skills. We also allow flexibility in our curriculum, letting room for additional activities based on the interests of each child.

Our Teachers

Director, Marie Mosimann

Marie is originally from Paris, France. She arrived in the Bay Area in 2006, starting her career as an event planner after obtaining a French four-year degree in Marketing and Communications. Prior to starting Frenchtastic Kids, she has been working for a couple years at The Renaissance International School in Oakland, both at the primary (preschool) and elementary level. This is where she discovered the Montessori philosophy, applied to a bilingual environment. Prior to that, she was a French teacher for two years in a creative after-school program in Lafayette. She decided to blend the best of these two experiences to create Frenchtastic Kids. She also has 12 units in Early Childhood Education and attended a 6-week AMI Montessori workshop in 2015. In her free time, she loves to create materials for her classroom, sing songs while playing the guitar, go camping near lakes and visit her family in France, which also enables her to bring back more authentic, exciting materials for her classroom!

We are a proud member of the Wonderschool network.

Wonderschool is a group of early childhood programs that combine the quality standards of the best child care centers with the warmth of an in-home program in your neighborhood.

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